At Pearson, we’re committed to a world that’s always learning and to our talented team who makes it all possible. 
We are bold thinkers and standout innovators who motivate each other to explore new frontiers in an environment that supports and inspires us to always be better.

AI unit

The Pearson Poznań office houses the Data Science and Data & Analytics teams. Our mission is to enable the development of AI-first, outcome-driven products to improve learning experiences.

Data Science team

  • Our team is responsible for R&D in the field of creating data-driven educational capabilities.
  • It consists of Data Scientists, Research Engineers and Technical Project Managers.
  • We specialise in three types of customer-facing capabilities: adaptive systems (e.g. diagnostic assessment), predictive systems (e.g. identifying struggling learners), and natural language processing systems (e.g. for intelligent tutoring systems).
  • In our work, we often innovate around implementing psychometric ideas using the latest machine learning methods (e.g. Deep Knowledge Tracing) and prototyping language processing methods.

Data Scientist

This role requires a broad set of data wrangling, data science, and theoretical and practical machine learning skills.

Research Engineer

This role requires skills from the intersection of software engineering, devops, machine learning engineering, and data science.

Technical Project Manager

This all-round role requires excellent organisational and communication skills to ensure a successful execution of complex R&D projects.

Data & Analytics team

  • Our team is responsible for data collection, storage, and reporting on key business metrics.
  • It consists of Data Analysts and Data Engineers.
  • We play an instrumental role in providing product teams with decision-support systems such as interactive dashboards that help them to continuously improve our digital products based on data.
  • In our work, we often innovate around big data processing methods using such frameworks as Spark.

Data Engineer

This role requires solid data engineering skills, an analytical mindset, serious problem solving skills coupled with a growth mindset that's ready to overcome
challenges lurking in the ocean of raw data.

Data Analyst

This role requires a broad set of analytical, detail-oriented and problem-solving
skills as well as a deep understanding of internal and external customers.