Technical Project Manager


The position provides the opportunity to engage in cutting-edge research in a highly-collaborative environment that feels more like a startup than a big company. You will contribute to developing products that have an impact on millions of learners around the globe.


  • Supporting team in understanding and implementing best practices for prototyping and implementing AI systems in an agile way

  • Serving as a bridge between the PDS team and other collaborators and partnering software engineering teams in Technology
  • Supporting managers in project initiation and planning, e.g. defining the vision and requirements for a capability, designing lead and lag measures, defining and prioritising project tasks
  • Depending on team needs, managing selected aspects of project execution, e.g. facilitating team meetings and providing direction/resolution
  • Periodically, preparing brief project reports for internal and external communication
  • Evaluating new processes and tools worth adapting in our workflow
  • Creating and conducting internal training
  • Sharing work results internally and externally (conferences, meetups, etc.)
  • Building continuous knowledge and know-how improvement culture 


  • Excellent communication skills in both Polish and English (written and spoken)
  • Experience with working in a diverse, remote, asynchronous team across many time zones
  • Conflict management experience
  • Experience with leading/supporting software engineering projects
  • Knowledge of project management methods (esp. Scrum) and tools (e.g. Asana) as well as business execution frameworks (e.g. 4DX)
  • Familiarity with frameworks for conducting data science projects, e.g. Team Data Science Process or CRISP-DM
  • Hunger for knowledge!



Example projects

  • Implementing agile practices in Research & Development teams
  • Coordinating work of dispersed, cross-functional teams to research and deliver adaptive learning solutions for US higher education market
  • Supporting product teams in market research and product prototyping and testing new product models
  • Building agile culture in remote teams